Adrress: Yakuplu Cad. No: 246 Ağva - Şile / İSTANBUL
Phone: +90 531 832 5454
Phone: 0 216 721 82 05
Fax: 0 216 721 72 60

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Getting to Ağva is much more easier than it was before. Since the İstanbul – Şile highway widened, your trip to here has become more safe and fun.

Guests who will come from İstanbul must follow the Şile – Sarıgazi exit on TEM highway and continue in the Çekmeköy - Alemdağ - Ömerli – Şile direction.

After passing Şile, the road will become narrow and when you arrive to Çayırbaşı, you will have 2 choices. You can continue directly, which will lead you to the Teke, Gömaslı, İsakoy road (the sign reads Ağva) which is called the Forest Road. Or you can turn left, and follow the coast line from Kabakoz & Akcakese direction.
We advise you the coast line, because the Forest road is much more curvy.

ParkMandalin is ideal for a joyful and peaceful weekend with its close distance to İstanbul, natural view, the steam on its side and tasty meals. You can enjoy a peaceful holiday in a close area to the city, but far from the noise of it, even if it’s a short one.

Our hotel's transport map to Istanbul.

Agva position within our hotel.

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